Lindy Dunbar BA Hons Cert Ed.

Based in Sussex, I paint and draw directly from life celebrating the individuality, dynamism, curves and shapes in the moving and motionless human form.  I use varied materials such as paint, ink, charcoal and pastel on canvas or paper.  Each medium has a particular excitement and the quality of marks and colour palette is of paramount importance.


Dancers, acrobats and performers are often the basis of my work as they move before me, and its a pleasure to share in their creative process.  There is never more than a brief moment of stillness as even when the performers are briefly holding their position, the rope or trapeze still maintains energy and life or the dancers move on.  I have to grasp what I see, capturing the serendipity of the fleeting tensions as they emerge and disappear.  I strive to give the appearance that the figure has only just arrived and could get up and move away at any moment, even in a longer pose. 

Lindy Dunbar BA Hons Cert Ed



2022 Birley Centre, Eastbourne solo show

2022 Härke Konstcenter Gallery, Sweden.

2021 ‘Lindy Dunbar & Joseph Davey’ Crypt Gallery, Seaford.

2021 John Lewis prints of my paintings since 2009 

2021 Artist of the Month Drawing Cabaret Couture

2021 Emerging Artists Platform online

2021 Nicholas Bowlby Fine Art Dealer

2021 Visiting life drawing tutor for Eastbourne College since 2013

2021 Life drawing tutor, ongoing

2020 Östersund to Sussex Refigured, Star Brewery Gallery, online

2020 Affordable Art Fair. London since 2015

2019 Solo show, GNT Gallery, Eastbourne

2019 Eastbourne College, Rambert’s annual residency since 2012

2018 Solo show, Birley Centre, Eastbourne

2018 Pelham House, Lewes & 2017

2017 Star Group, Lewes House, Lewes

2016 Glyndebourne

2016 Östersund-Sussex, Hop Gallery,Lewes 2016,2014,2012

2016 Solo show, Birley Centre, Eastbourne

2016 Solo show, Da Vinci Gallery, Eastbourne

2015 Works on Paper Art Fair. Science Museum, London

2015 Hop Gallery, Lewes, group shows since 2008

2014 Nicholas Bowlby Christmas Show. Chelsea

2013 Catharine Miller Gallery. London

2013 Spring Fair Battersea

2012 Artist-in-residence. Crypt Gallery, Seaford,

2010 Dieppe Art Fair

2006 Salon de Refuse Exhibition. Dulwich

2006 Llewelyn Gallery. London & 2005


BA Hons Open University, studying History of Art 2003

Certificate in Education Birmingham University [Art & Music] 1971


T: 07881766055


I: @lindydunbar

F: /lindy dunbar