Lindy Dunbar. oil on canvas.jpeg

I began this painting as a demo during an enjoyable workshop with Eastbourne College students within my exhibition 'Movement & Rest'. Here is the finished painting.

Lindy Dunbar.Birley Exhibition 2022.jpg

Thank you to all the people who visited the show and thank you to those who bought my paintings.

Lindy & Joseph web.jpg

Such a fantastic experience exhibiting in Sweden!

Snowy, sunny and walking across a frozen lake.

Thank you to the people who visited and thank you to the people who bought my work.

Dunbar:Davey poster small.jpg

Gold Foil Magazine interview as Drawing Cabaret Couture's 'Artist of the Month' 

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1b.Artist of Month.Goldfoil Mag.jpg
1c.Artist of Month.Goldfoil Mag.jpg

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I am now represented by the Drawing Cabaret Couture